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Our World Neighborhood
Charter Schools

Our World Neighborhood Charter School

Support Services

Our World Neighborhood Schools are committed to providing a variety of support services that address the academic, social, emotional, and language needs of our students.

English as New Language (ENL/ESL)

Special Education Department

The Special Education programs, services, and classes are conducted within the school buildings, thereby affording our students full access to programs, services and facilities in the least restrictive environment. Services offered include:

  • Hearing Services
    • Provide direct specialized instruction in speech, reading and auditory training for students with hearing impairments
    • Specialized instruction may be provided by a teacher of the deaf and hard of hearing
  • Integrated Co-Teaching (ICT)
  • Occupational Therapist
    • Assesses and provides services for students with fine motor deficits to
      • Increase strength and quality of movement of students’ upper extremities to improve handwriting and other fine motor skills
      • Provide adaptive equipment as necessary
      • Provide counseling for students as relates to their participation in activities
  • Physical Therapist
    • Provides services for students with gross motor deficits
    • Coordinates medical agencies and other professionals serving the student
    • Evaluates strength, function, motor development and adaptive need of the student
    • Consults with classroom teachers
    • Supervises and instructs nonprofessional personnel in dealing with the physical needs of the student
  • Reading Intervention Services
  • Special Education Teacher Support Service (SETSS)
  • Speech and Language Therapists
    • Provide screening for new students
    • Assist in referrals for CSE screening
    • Provide services for students with speech and language disorders
      • Voice disorders
      • Articulation disorders
      • Receptive and expressive language disorders

Counseling and Guidance Department

  • ES Dean of Culture
  • MS Dean of Students
  • MS Guidance Counselor
  • Social Worker