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Coed Flag Football @ Health and Science Charter School

Health and Science Charter School
Athletic Event Type: 
Saturday, October 13, 2018 - 11:30am to 12:30pm
Event Location: 
1718 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10035

The Falcons continue to fly high as they faced Health and Science Charter School on Saturday. The team focused on the word complacent this week as they continue to work on moving from good to great. They took a huge step closer by getting their first shut out of the season.

The Falcons started off the game on offense and set the tone for the game on the first play. Sunai Regap connected with Brahma Acevedo on a 4 yard crossing route pass that turned into a touchdown as Brahma zigged and zagged through defenders. On the Falcons' first defensive play of the game Senior Na Novotny had the presence of mind to pick off a fumbled ball that was handed off to the opposing team's running back, spin away and get into the end zone for her first touchdown of her Falcon career (clip below). Health and Science was demoralized and could not get into a groove with the Falcons' stifling defense.

Quarterback Sunai Regap played another masterful game. He distributed the game evenly and very effectively. Newbies Billy Fuiaxis (2 receptions), Logan Hernandez (1 reception) and Andrew Batista (1 reception for a TD) all caught their first passes. Justin Alston was solid on both ends of the ball and scored a touchdown. Nia Novotny had a huge day (2 receptions, an INT and a touchdown). Total team effort, all of the children played and contributed.

Senior Brian Wilk did not play (injured wrist). He still showed up to support them team. Fellow 8th grader Joshua Persaud saw limited action due to an injury early in the game. 

The friendship, enthusiasm and leadership displayed this season from our veterans is making for another very special season.

Big shout out to Mr. Kindness (Mr. Cruz) for coming our to support the team!