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Our World Neighborhood Charter School


Welcome to the OWNCS Film Department! The aim of the film program at OWNCS is to help students develop their ability to think critically about the media they view in their daily lives and produce their own creative and academic film projects.


Upcoming Units (Q1 2019):

  • G8: Video Editing
  • G7: Video Editing
  • G6: Computer Animation
  • G5: Camera Science
  • G4: Traditional Animation
  • G3: Visual Storytelling


2018-2019 Film Class Syllabi


2017-2018 Final Projects

Click the following links to view final projects for each grade level:


Helpful Tips:

  • G6-G8: Check Google Classroom regularly for homework assignments and class updates!
  • G3-G5: As a family, watch as many films together as possible! Reflect on how the topics you're learning in film class can be connected to what you're watching at home.


Useful Websites:

  • Filmmaker IQ
    • This YouTube channel has a ton of kid-friendly videos that explain almost every aspect of the film industry!
  • CinemaWins
    • Want to get even more inspired and excited about movies? This YouTube channel highlights everything GREAT about a ton of different movies!

Mr. Czaja

Grades 3-8

Mr. Czaja grew up in South Florida and was a competitive swimmer in college. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy with a Minor in Ethics from Emory University in Atlanta, GA and a Master of Arts in Media Studies from The New School in NYC.









Posted: 06/21/2018
Lip Gloss Two girls have their lip gloss confiscated by the administration and go on a mission to get it back. Director: Jade. Assistant Director: Samantha. Camera Operators: Gregory, Ty, & Emmanuel. Actors: Ty’Kyrah, Madison, & Ms. Lewis. KO A victim of bullying learns how to face... Read More...
Posted: 06/21/2018
The 1v1 Two basketball champs use questionable tactics to try and win the game. Director: Sunai. Writers: T.R. & Natalia. Camera Operators: Natalie & Ashley O. Sound Recordist/Boom Operator: T.R. Actors: Jayden, Omar, & Sunai. Cringe City A boy causes maximum cringiness.... Read More...
Posted: 06/21/2018
I'm Yours by Alessia Cara A girl receives help from a boy she's not quite ready to trust. Director: Solenn. Writer: Jesus. Actors: Jesus, Eva, Rocco, Raisa, Angelina, Jeffrey, & Anhar. Waving Through a Window from Dear Evan Hansen An apathetic boy is controlled by others until he... Read More...
Posted: 06/21/2018
5th Grade Film Class Video A short documentary-style video that summarizes this year's 5th grade film classes. Final Animation Projects Stop-Motion Animation with Legos
Posted: 06/21/2018
4th Grade Film Class Video A short documentary-style video that summarizes this year's 4th grade film classes. "We Bare Bears" Traditional Animation Project A massive collaborative project between all three fourth grade classes. 133 separate drawings were created to make a 10-second animation... Read More...
Posted: 06/21/2018
A short documentary-style video that summarizes this year's 3rd grade film classes.