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Our World Neighborhood Charter School

MS Math - Mrs. Majumdar

Welcome to the Grade 7 Math Program


               We take pride in providing a well-rounded education to our students. Our school was designed to embrace and develop the minds of children. The comprehensive  methods followed by us foster our students' individual academic growth.We believe in taking a holistic approach to teaching.
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About Me:  
My journey to Education has been most rewarding. I have my Masters in Physics and in teaching Mathematics in higher education.  I completed my Masters at Touro college . Teaching has been my passion for the past 11 years and I have rich experience in teaching students face to face as well as online across the globe.  As an online teaching Manager, I have come across different cultures and different learning styles. 
Personal belief: All children can learn if they are taught the way they understand
College attended
Touro College
Queens College

Courses to cover

Ratios & Proportional Relationships

The Number System

Expressions & Equations


Statistics & Probability

Class Marking scheme

Class participation everyday  (5 points)

Homework everyday (10 Points)

Quiz every Friday. (10 Points)

Unit test -end of unit. (30 Points)

Projects quarterly. (20 Points)

Lab days every Week (20 Points)

My rubric for each assessment is very transparent and have been given in the class contract.