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Our World Neighborhood Charter School

MS Mathematics


The main goal of math instruction is to develop student proficiency in independent  problem solving with respect to grade level NYS Common Core Standards and the NYS Mathematical Practices.

Instruction and Curriculum

  • Children learn mathematics through the use of the workshop model. A specific math goal is established for each lesson, followed by instruction that includes a mini-lesson, guided practice, independent work, and a lesson extension that includes homework. Differentiation of instruction is included in teacher planning and delivery of instruction.
  • All lessons are based on the NYS Common Core standards appropriate for the grade. Each lesson places emphasis on one or more of the eight NYS Mathematical  Practices.  Two examples of the practices include: “Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them,” and “Attend to precision.”
  • The main curriculum used is Holt McDougal Mathematics. It includes a comprehensive textbook for classroom use. It also contains a wide range of supplementary materials that teachers use to support students of various abilities.
  • Every student in grades 6-8 receives a Ready book. Teachers work with the book to support student proficiency in problem solving.
  • Teachers make a great effort to select materials from various sources in order to support students and classes of varied abilities. These sources include Engage NY, HMH Activity Generator and HMH Test Generator. Teachers also create their own standards-based materials.
  • Several areas that have a school-wide focus
    • Mastery of vocabulary through the use of word walls and glossaries
    • Development of fluency in grade appropriate math skills
    • Use of the calculator and formal problem solving
  • OWNCS uses iReady, an online learning system that includes a math component that provides diagnostic testing, individualized prescriptive lessons, practice and assessment.  Comprehensive instruction is included with each lesson. Students are provided with individual iReady accounts and are expected to devote an hour per week working on this program.


Each Holt McDougal Mathematics Lesson has an assessment component that includes

  • Sample Examples
  • Guided Practice
  • Independent Practice
  • Problem Solving
  • Test Prep

Each Holt McDougal Mathematics Unit (Chapter) has an assessment component that includes

  • “Are you ready?” quiz
  • “Ready to go on” quiz
  • Chapter Test
  • Standardized Test Prep

Quarterly Exams are administered to assesses mastery of the standards and mathematical practices covered during the quarter. Students in grades 7 and 8 also take a midterm and final exam. These exams yield data that informs instruction, guiding teachers to know which standards need to be re-emphasized.

Vocabulary and problem solving quizzes are administered regularly.