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MS Reading Specialist - Ms. Klein


Contact Information


Phone Number: (718) 274-2902Ext 106

About Ms. Klein

Hello! This is my 6th year at Our World Neighborhood Charter School working as the Literacy Specialist for grades 6-8. My students and I work together in a small-group classroom setting where we explore many genres in reading and writing. I received my undergraduate degree at St. Thomas Aquinas College, and my Master's was received at Hunter College. Every year I am excited to apply what I have learned into my classroom. 


The program that is used in the Literacy classroom is from Fountas and Pinnell Leveled-Literacy Intervention LLI. LLI is used in grades 6-8, and tailored to meet students "where they are" in their skill abilities. 

Assessment is an ongoing part of the Leveled-Literacy Intervention program. Weekly reading assessments are used to determine a students growth. 

What Are We Doing?




6th Grade



We are exploring memoirs and learning about figurative language a writer incorporates to make their words come alive.

We will also explore traditional stories and determine structure and text features that separate this genre from others.


Students are analyzing figurative language and noticing why the writer uses specific words in the text.

7th Grade



We are reading realistic fiction genres and analyzing character traits and motives. Furthermore, students are learning how to identify the problem a character faces and how setting impacts decision-making.

Students will learn how to compare and contrast the characters within their realistic fiction story.

8th Grade



We are focusing on the writer’s message in a fiction text. Students will read about conflict that will influence a character’s decision.

Students will continue learning the benefits of annotating by actively engaging with their fiction text.

Helpful Tips For Student Success

1) Continue to read daily! It is important to log what you read in your reading logs in order to keep track of your reading stamina. 

2) Write about what you read! Use your reading reflections as a way to jot down and record what occurred in the book you read. 

3) Ask questions! When we read, we are always formulating questions about the topic, characters, setting, plot, etc. 

4) Learn new vocabulary! When you continually read, you can build your vocabulary word bank. When you come across a word you do not know, try using context clues to figure out what it might mean. 

5) Graphic Organizers! Always try organizing your thoughts or new information you learned. There are so many organizers that you can use to help you comprehend the text.

Power School Link

This is a great website to keep track of grades. Please use it daily, as it important to constantly be on top of your grades!

Helpful Resources for All!

We can always use other resources to help us in school. Check out these links! 

  • Newsela
  • NY Times: The Learning Network
  • Google Arts and Cultures
  • Google Lit Trips
  • Library of Congress
  • National Geographic
  • The Literacy Shed
  • Flocabulary
  • GoNoodle
  • Learn Zillion
  • Crash Course/Study Jams
  • EDPuzzle
  • Nearpod
  • Scholastic Study Jams