Fall Parent Teacher Conferences


Parents and guardians will have an opportunity to meet with teachers via video conference during November to discuss their child’s educational progress. It is the school’s belief that conferences provide information that is beneficial to children’s academic growth.

Conference Schedule

OWN 1 (Astoria)

Elementary School and Middle School

Wednesday November 17th (1 PM - 7 PM)

OWN 1 ES conference appointments will be 10 minutes.

OWN 1 MS conference appointments will be 15 minutes.

Some OWN 1 Elementary School teachers have made additional conference times available for parents who are unable to meet on Conference Day (November 17th).

OWN 2 (Howard Beach)

Elementary School

Wednesday November 17th (1:30 PM - 7 PM)

OWN 2 ES conference appointments will be 15 minutes

Registration is now open and ends at midnight the day before the scheduled conference.

All conference appointments are scheduled online via Teacher Reacher web application.

If you do not already have a Teacher Reacher Parent Account, please set up an account. Tutorials for creating accounts and making appointments are available on the Teacher Reacher website by clicking on the Support link on the top menu bar.

6th Grade Parents/Guardians

You are required to link your 6th grader to your parent account even if your child was previously linked as a 5th grader.

We look forward to seeing you online at the upcoming conferences to discuss your child’s progress.

If you need assistance setting up your conference appointments, please call:

OWN 1 Elementary School (718) 392-3405

OWN 1 Middle School (718) 274-2902

OWN 2 Elementary School (347) 390-3290