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OWN 1 Astoria Middle School

The school day for OWN 1 Middle School students begins at 8:05 AM and ends at 3:30 PM.

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OWN Charter School is an amazing place for young people to learn. Since our doors first opened in 2002, we have worked tirelessly to meet our goal of providing our diverse student body with an excellent education based on active inquiry, experiential learning, and social justice. We prepare our students to become independent thinkers and lifelong learners. I am so proud of the success and progress we have made so far, and no one is more aware than I how integral the support and encouragement of the OWN community has been in helping us grow and improve each and every year.

Visit our school, especially during the Admissions Open Houses. Here you see the mission and philosophy brought to life. The faculty in both the Elementary and Middle Schools use activities that guide children toward knowledge through imaginative exploration and the mastery of skills.

OWN is proud of all we have accomplished with our students, parents, and community since our school opened in 2002. Together, we have established a culture of learning and academic success that we can be proud of.

Curriculum Overview

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The Elementary School art program is designed to reach all students and offer them a broad range of experiences and activities. While supporting the New York State Standards for the Arts, as well as the National Standards, art instruction is based on the elements and principles of art. Students are exposed to creative opportunities in various mediums and areas of self-expression, which are enriched further with art history and the works of accomplished artists. Students learn how to identify, analyze, and select subject matter. Students learn to critique and assess their own work as well as the work of others. The art program is an integral part of the elementary interdisciplinary curriculum and plays a significant role in community activities. Student artwork is exhibited and celebrated in our annual Spring Arts Festival. All student artwork is added to personal online interactive portfolios, which are created in kindergarten and remain active through 8th grade.

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The Film Program at the Elementary School includes students in grades 3-5. The focus is on visual storytelling. Throughout the year, students learn the elements of good storytelling techniques through the study of film examples. Students learn film vocabulary including basic shot types, the use of various pieces of film equipment, and how to create scripts, storyboards, shot lists, and other important pre-production documents. As the students get older, they have more opportunities to create their own film projects. Students also learn the many different roles in the film industry. Whenever possible we take field trips to film festivals, the Museum of the Moving Image, and other opportunities that may arise in this thriving, film-producing city.

Foreign Language

  • Spanish Classes begin in Kindergarten
  • Mandarin Classes begin in Grade 5


“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”

― Albert Einstein

A major component of the OWNCS Library program is to instill an appreciation and love of reading.

Elementary School students have weekly library classes during which they learn a variety of library skills, including:

  • how to choose a book based on interest and reading level
  • difference between fiction and nonfiction
  • proper care of books and material
  • how libraries are organized
  • how to use our computer catalog
  • research and citation skills
  • online searching skills and strategies
  • how to evaluate sources (both text and online)
  • digital literacy and citizenship


Elementary School students are exposed to many different genres of music and types of instruments. The curriculum focuses on music theory, including note values and placement on the treble and bass clefs. Students also learn about rhythm and develop tools to create rhythmic patterns on their own. Students perform vocally at annual events, such as the Spring Arts Festival, and begin learning how to play recorder flutes.

Physical Education

The Physical Education Curriculum is designed to meet the needs of the K-5 students with a varied, age appropriate, and challenging curriculum. The units are sequenced and kept short to maximize interest and participation. Fundamental skill development is emphasized at all grade levels and in all units. From the fundamental movement and physical skills of the primary students to the more involved skills, games, and sports concepts of the intermediate grades, knowledge of the benefits and the enjoyment of physical activity is taught and reinforced in each class. The social, emotional, and character traits necessary to be successful and a good community citizen are taught and repeated from the first class, and safety factors relative to physical activity are constantly stressed. Personal and social responsibility, self-directed learning, and problem solving skills are also reinforced throughout the K-5 physical education curriculum.

Through various physical fitness activities and game play, students will learn how to improve their performance and sharpen their individual abilities.


At OWNCS, we are working toward a seamless integration of technology and curriculum: students using technology daily, and having access to a variety of tools that match the learning task at hand -- tools that increase engagement, lead to a deeper understanding of content, and open the door to innovation and creativity.

When effectively integrated into the curriculum, technology can extend learning in significant ways. Students have greater access to primary source material and more engaging multimedia content. They gain facility in digital methods of collecting and analyzing data. Students experience creating, editing, publishing, and presenting their work in new and authentic ways to a broader audience. They are given new opportunities to interact and collaborate with others (peers, teachers, and experts) outside the classroom walls.

Kindergarten students use iPads. Grade 1-5 students have access to classroom sets of laptop computers. The majority of our ES classrooms are equipped with Interactive Whiteboards, and all are equipped with projectors and document cameras. We are a Google Suite for Education school, ensuring that our students are proficient in the most current core productivity tools and Google Classroom. We also offer a wealth of online resources that provide regular opportunities to practice and apply academic and technology skills. Our teachers are encouraged to use technology creatively to enrich learning in their classrooms; their efforts are celebrated in our Technology Integration Spotlight.

Faculty & STAFF Directory

Fatimah Abdul-Wahab

Anita Angrum

Natalie Antunovic

Calli Balfour

Erwin Bernal

Robert Clendenning

John Cota

Liam Cullen

Otis Danne

Deborah De Pinto

Lisa Edmiston

Ariel Enderes

Joshua Fox

Jon Franks

Deniz Funda Goksen

Jesse Fung

Robert Goffner

Ryan Gonzalez

Mario Guerrero

Tasnova Harun

Spencer Hays

Kevin Hom

Thomas Hughes

Eileen Lepetit

Xinyao Lin

Seth Makarowitz

Danielle Mejia

Jonathan Midgett

Dave Nandkumar

Nadia Ozuna

Jessica Petro

Darrell Rawls

Sharika Rosado

Karen Rosenberg

Glenn Roth

Lincy Roy

Alex Rubel

Louis Scerbo

Chloe Steele

Bobby Thomas

Lizette Villegas

David Visconti

Derek Wolf

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