OWN 2 Howard Beach

  • Kindergarten - 5th Grade
  • 135-25 79th Street
  • Howard Beach, NY 11414
  • Phone: (347) 390-3290

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Our World Neighborhood Charter School 2, in Howard Beach is located right at the border of Brooklyn & Queens. It takes pride in bridging two communities. We are proud to serve a rich, culturally, and ethnically, diverse community. We truly embrace the concept of a liberal arts education. In addition to a solid academic foundation of Math, ELA, Science, and Social Studies which students study from K through 5th Grade, our students begin Kindergarten and continue through 5th grade with Art, Health, Music, Physical Education and Spanish.

The most fascinating thing about OWN 2 is the joy that is shared between students on a daily basis. Students are always eager and willing to learn when they come to school each day.

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Faculty & Staff Directory

Nicholai Aarons

Kelvin Abraham

Adeola Akinola

Jeraldine Allen-Dorcin

Tricia Barrett

Crystal Braithwaite

Heather Buonomo

Giuseppe Callegati

Alexander Diaz

Tania Fanfan

Kristyna Foglia

Helena Gunther

Nikki Hanrahan

Shana Hayes

Shaina Henry

Renee Hynes

Zimmadia Imam

Melissa Jagroop

Shaki Jannat

Alisha Jimenez

William Koske

Oma Manbahal

Abeni Mason-Draffen

Amy Mazzola

Nicole McIntyre

Terrance McLean

Irena Michalcik

Omar Noel

Nabiha Noshin Taluder

David Palacio

Habiba Phillip

Veronica Polanco

Meera Ram

Tashaya Reid

Nicole Richards

Yovanna Roa Reyes

  • 2nd Grade Teacher
  • yroareyes@owncs.org

    (347) 390-3290

Rachel Robinson

Gabrielle Silva

Kwasie Thompson

Yaniree Valencia

Kamla Wallace

Rodney Wilkins

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