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Our World Neighborhood Charter School

Physical Education

The Physical Education Curriculum is designed to meet the needs of the K-5 students with a varied, age appropriate, and challenging curriculum. The units are sequenced and kept short to maximize interest and participation. Fundamental skill development is emphasized at all grade levels and in all units. From the fundamental movement and physical skills of the primary students to the more involved skills, games, and sports concepts of the intermediate grades, knowledge of the benefits and the enjoyment of physical activity is taught and reinforced in each class. The social, emotional, and character traits necessary to be successful and a good community citizen are taught and repeated from the first class, and safety factors relative to physical activity are constantly stressed.  Personal and social responsibility, self-directed learning, and problem solving skills are also reinforced throughout the K-5 physical education curriculum.

Through various physical fitness activities and game play, students will learn how to improve their performance and sharpen their individual abilities. Students are encouraged to reach their own personal best.