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Our World Neighborhood
Charter Schools

Our World Neighborhood Charter School


Our World Neighborhood Charter Schools have identified ten Pillars of a Positive Community. These values play an important part in building and supporting our school culture. By teaching and modeling these traits, teachers help create a learning community in which students can develop the moral maturity needed for future success.

September October November December January
Kindness Friendship Courage Respect Truth


February March April May June
Responsibility Discipline Fairness Perseverance Citizenship

The Pillars are enriched with activities and resources that celebrate the treasures of the various cultures represented by our school population. 

The month-by-month curriculum includes:

  • Definition of the "virtue" exemplified by each pillar

  • Student of the Week categories for each theme

  • Relevant quotations with background information and resources

  • Video clips to prompt discussion, including teacher guides

  • Poems,songs, essays, stories, biographies of exemplary individuals, and Reader's Theater scripts

  • Geography activities

  • Basic language samples representing the cultures of our community

Families are encouraged to participate in the Pillars program by discussing the concepts with their children, sharing their ideas, and taking part in school-wide activities.