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Our World Neighborhood Charter School

OWN 1 (Astoria)



OWN Charter School is an amazing place for young people to learn. Since our doors first opened in 2002, we have worked tirelessly to meet our goal of providing our diverse student body with an excellent education based on active inquiry, experiential learning, and social justice. We prepare our students to become independent thinkers and lifelong learners. I am so proud of the success and progress we have made so far, and no one is more aware than I how integral the support and encouragement of the OWN community has been in helping us grow and improve each and every year.

Visit our school, especially during the Admissions Open Houses. Here you see the mission and philosophy brought to life. The faculty in both the Elementary and Middle Schools use activities that guide children toward knowledge through imaginative exploration and the mastery of skills.

OWN is proud of all we have accomplished with our students, parents, and community since our school opened in 2002. Together, we have established a culture of learning and academic success that we can be proud of.